“It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.”

“If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.”

— Some things I never accepted

Media Design, Magazine


Media Design, Magazine

< Nothing is as it seems...

the most appropiate statement of the year, while I didn’t even knew it would be.

The year started off with creative design, supposed to give you an insight of (your) branding and who you are as a Designer. Quite the opposite happened to me though.

While I thought I was this awesome artsy chick from ArtEZ, who was designing only black and white and was primarily focused on aesthetics over concept, I quickly realized I judged myself on a mere concept of what I used to be.

Grunge and peachy colours formed the base of my new branding, for those were the two things that seemed naturally incorporated into my every day life and the same goes for doing the whole magazine in English...

During the self exploration which was mandatory and got on my nerves quite often, I didn’t learn many new things and in the end I ended up choosing aesthetics over concept, thus confirming my, later known as untrue, image of the self.

Writing seemed to go pretty easy and where I felt other struggled to create their content, I rushed through it and struggled for ages on creating a visualisation for what I felt. 

Up until now I still see this project as false, unrealistically ambitious and unfinished, and yet I am aware that I will never finish it.

Business Model Canvas

BMC, Illustration


< Collecting and organizing ideas into a business concept was something I greatly enjoyed, especially because it was the first time ever working together.

The recollection of the insecurities at the last project and gave great motivation to turn this project into an advocate for confidence and it seemed to work. 

Seeing myself in a commercial and hearing our voices in the entire magazine created gave a burst to my mood and my confidence, just like we were trying to create for the women we made our business for. 

< Based on a dark concept of Alice in wonderland and steampunk, I tried to visualize the darkness and insecurities living inside me into an immersive puzzle game that is almost impossible to solve to enhance the feeling of being alone, lost and in a dark place.

As it was the first ever time working with gaming development, creating a functioning project from scratch and developing knowledge about a theme to secure immersiveness, this project was a struggle.

Perfectionism made the completion of the piece a lot harder, by having me doubt my own sketches, drawing and story, multiple times in the process, but in the end I finished it.

Vulnerability was the theme of this project and thus my presentation at which point I started lowering the walls I build around me for so long. 

< Combined with my first ever job, I created a study into the digitalisation of education for healthcare professionals, by creating an application based purely on letting the professionals choose the subject of their training and having better, more personal ways of asking questions or gathering information

As I look back now, I would have liked myself to dive deeper into the studies and asked more, but in the end it turned out great, thus making the first tiny steps into accepting that if I'm not perfect, I'm still perfectly fine. 

< User Centered Design so far was more about me getting in the mindset of designing for a specific user group, than actually working together with users, untill usability testing.

Working with users, specifically friends of mine, has been somewhat of a struggle, giving myself no room for errors or any credit after doing the tests. 

In the end I did get an outcome I was happy with and could base continuing choices on in the next fase of the User Centered Design Case. 

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