< Data visualisation for a transmedia campagne. How do you transfer a bulk of information to an audience without implementing a verdict? 

For me data visualisation and infographics are all about combining the brain and eyes. Creating something that is both educational and aesthetically pleasing. It's about creating something that people want and need to look at. Telling a story in a way that is both modern and extremely oldskool. 

With infographics dated back to the acient times and all the new possibilities the modern era gives these forms of communicating, I feel this is my plus one. 

I see myself as a Graphic designer + data visualist and I spent the entire year trying to figure out how to make that my handwriting, my thing, my aesthetic.

< A persona is a summary of your audience based on a few key elements for your focus group. Interviewing and really trying to understand these people has been a blast. As a data visualist, creating insights into your audience in such a way is a perfect stepping stone for a transmedia story. 

During this year I figured out that my extravert personality traits are more out of curiosity for other people's stories than telling my own. I love interviewing and representing the audience and I enjoy making a product that helps them be the best they can be.  

< Creating empathy with and for the audience has been a big part of designing the stories I told.

< All the research, sketching and designing was combined in an epic project about my own neighbourhood. With 'Hallo Presikhaaf' we combined storytelling, crossmedia design and design research.

< Just as personas tell you all about the audience, a storyboard gives you insight in the reason and ended outcoming for a story. 

For me storyboards keep me on track and give me a visual that I can show stakeholders and the audience while developing with them instead of for them. When I do design for them, a storyboard gives me guidelines and a track to follow while designing.

Most of the storyboards I make are with free or edited icons or graphics from other designers. I could make these myself, but that takes a lot of time and a lot of attention, which for now I'd rather spend in doing more research and getting myself to the next level. 

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